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Phase II Treatment

Smiling teen girl at schoolFollowing the Phase I correction, the permanent teeth are allowed to erupt.  Oftentimes retainers may be used, usually for a short period as they may interfere with the eruption of the adult teeth.  Our goals are to hold the arch development achieved during Phase I and allow the rest of the adult teeth to have room to erupt.  It is important to understand that at the end of the first phase of care, teeth are not in their final positions.  This will be determined and accomplished in the second phase of treatment.

Once the permanent teeth have replaced the baby teeth, we often find the need for final correction and detailing of the bite (put the teeth into the best positions for long-term, stable dental health). 

Remember, the reason for choosing a Phase I early treatment is because when started at a young age, and with the right patient, the best possible results can be achieved.